Reviews of ‘The Great Horizon’

‘The Great Horizon’ was launched at the Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s headquarters in Perth on 1st November 2017.   It was the most incredible, unforgettable evening – such an amazing atmosphere of support, appreciation, and enthusiasm for the book that’s occupied much of my life for the past three years!

Here are some photos from the launch event – you can read more about it on the RSGS blog.   Please scroll down to read an ongoing selection of reviews in the press and online.


“Everyone should find something to inspire them in this beautifully written and illustrated collection of stories.”

– Mike Robinson, CEO of RSGS

“The result is a book you could easily sit down and read from cover to cover… A thoroughly worthwhile book…”
 Undiscovered Scotland

“Meticulously researched and extremely well written…”
Lorna’s Blog

“Jo Woolf has compiled a brilliant set of fifty short insights into the lives and achievements of some amazingly brave people…  A lovely book, reminding us so clearly about the excitement and wonder of past and present world discoveries and feats of bravery.”
The Bookbag

“Unique images and never-before-seen material…”
Scots Magazine

“A delightful insight into some of the greatest characters of the past 150 years… and into the RSGS’s rich heritage.”

– Professor Iain Stewart, President of RSGS

“Woolf was given full access to the archives of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society in her mission to bring to light some of the half-forgotten figures from the field of exploration, and has more than succeeded in finding unsung heroes, whose only reward for their labours was adding to human knowledge.”
Scottish Field

“…a great introduction to exploration.”

“…sheds new light on the art of exploration as it develops into the 21st century.”
Oban Times

“Spanning 150 years of exploration and adventure, there’s some weight to this book, and rightly so… Through [Woolf’s] words we get an inkling of what drove these pioneers, how they engaged with the people they met, and what it would have been like to journey alongside them.”
 Scottish Mountaineer

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